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Want Clothes That Really Fit You?

The first step in creating well fitting clothes is to get accurate measurements of your body. At Software Tailoring we provide you with accurate body measurements taken by our 3D body scanner in under a minute. This scan and measurements are a gateway to the other services that we offer listed below.

The Body Scan Process

It all starts here! Software Tailoring uses the Size Stream SS-14 scanner which can capture all of your measurements and generate a 3D representation of your body in 30 seconds, This scan and measurement is used in all of our processes.

Custom Measurements and Other Digital Pattern Services.

Have a unique set of measurements that you need for a class or a digital pattern service, such as Apostrophe Patterns? We can generate them for you in the order and format that you need!

We Are An Approved Scan Vendor for

A DittoForm is a precision-carved copy of your body. We start with a 3D scan and translate the digital image into a physical figure. Made from a durable, firm, yet flexible foam, your DittoForm will capture significant details like your collarbone, bellybutton, shoulder blades, and more. The standard custom cover is matte grey knit with black markings.

Avatar Rigging for 3D clothing design

The body scan can be rigged and used as a digital dress form in 3D fashion design software such as CLO Fashion Software

Custom Made Patterns

The body scan output can be used to develop a Master Pattern that is unique to you! This pattern can be used to make original designs, or make alterations to existing clothing or patterns.

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